Reclaimed Product List

Reclaimed Product List

Raw Materials: Contact us for current availability

reclaimed barn wood

Reclaimed Barn Wood – Full range of dimensions

Timbers & Beams – Custom Dimensions

Ferguson St - Barn Door

Barn Doors – Custom Dimensions, Hardware, & Finish

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reclaimed wood, barn wood, reclaimed paneling

Reclaimed Barn Wood Paneling

reclaimed wood, barn wood

Reclaimed Barn Wood Siding

barn wood, reclaimed wood

Barn Wood Paneling – Circle Sawn

reclaimed barn wood, reclaimed mantel, recycled wood

Mantels – Custom Dimensions/Finishes

Product finishes available

Original patina finishes:

  • Weathered Barn Wood: Barn siding salvaged from old barns. Wood features distinct coloring from years of exposure and unique grooves and cracking.
  • Hand Hewn: Authentic hand hewing by axe or chisel as found in antique barns and structures milled by hand.
  • Rough Sawn: Bandsawn or circle sawn years ago and showing various gray to brown patinas with character that comes from years of use and exposure.
  • S4S: Surfaced years ago, but darkened over the years to a beautiful gray to brown patina.

Additional texturing services offered:

  • Wire Brushed: Distressed worn look achieved by brushing the surface to give the appearance of raised wood fibers to create a deep grain texture. This process can be used to remove old paint and soft wood spots, leaving a solid hard wood surface.
  • Circle Sawn: Rugged antique finish that shows off a distressed character by cutting an irregular pattern to achieve a worn rough sawn look that reveals a mixture of saw marks that makes for a unique reclaimed look.
  • Sandblasted: Raises wood grain for a natural worn look. Process removes dirt and paint leaving a clean surface.
  • Rough Sawn: Surface skimmed by bandsaw just enough to reveal the beauty of the antiqued wood. Finished product will retain the character of saw marks, nail holes, authentic cracks and checking, and have a rustic rough surface finish.
  • S4S: Surface four sides by planing, leaving a smooth finished surface. Gives a new wood look to reclaimed materials.
  • Hand Sanded: Manually sanded to create a beautiful and unique look that shows off the character of the reclaimed wood.

Other Services

  • Grading: Certified WCLIB onsite graders can provide beams and timbers graded to meet your projects structural specifications.
  • Delivery: Local and long distance trucking services available.
  • Demolition: Manually dismantle historical structures for reclamation. Contact Us to look at your project, big or small.